Why choose DPI?

  • 752 Satisfied Clients
  • 2 Million Square Feet Built

We recognized early on that every project plan, no matter how brilliantly conceived, occasionally confronts challenges along the way. How one navigates and problem-solves those obstacles is what determines a project's ultimate success. DPI was built with this in mind. To fit the right people to the right project, with the skill-sets and tools to seamlessly deliver the very best outcomes.

This requires a special relationship be formed with our clients and partners. One based on trust, nimbleness, competence and accountability. And it’s why our clients work with us again and again. Just ask them.

A simple process that works.


Find the objectives and determine how DPI can achieve them


Devise a process that organizes the resources in a manner that will achieve the pre-defined objectives


Appropriately channeling our resources into executing the plan and consistently monitoring its effectiveness

Our Methodology Inspires Confidence

Our project methodology is one of the unique aspects of working with DPI. It’s structured specifically to provide project transparency and accountability at every stage. To give our clients the confidence that projects are being managed at the highest level. We employ a variety of tools to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our plans, including weekly status reports, project schedules, cost/budget reports and site meeting minutes.

What is unique to DPI, however, is how immediately impactful and applicable our operational reporting is. The information and insight are regularly shared in a direct yet simple manner to allow for timely decisions to be made and inefficiencies avoided. Ease of operational execution is a hallmark of DPI.