Turning Plans into Reality


Pre-construction Consulting

Diligent pre-construction planning is critical to achieving successful project outcomes. As such, we place an emphasis on our Pre-construction practice which incorporates:

  • Budget Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Construction Management

Our goal has always been to play a pivotal role in delivering the client’s grand project vision and to work in tandem with our design partners to make that happen. We do this by identifying the potential construction challenges, developing corresponding mitigation strategies and then ensuring all issues are addressed in a direct and transparent way. We do this by diligent oversight of project scheduling, budget management and the implementation of strict safety measures.

Challenges will vary with every project, but our approach is to always remain nimble in how we course-correct unexpected project issues.

    General Contracting

    At DPI we understand a client’s ongoing need for cost certainty. Although the General Contracting approach does not allow for contractor involvement at the design stage, we remain committed to ensuring our client’s best interests are protected. DPI’s commitment to safety, accountability and professional project leadership is essential to project success and we are steadfast in ensuring all our projects receive the attention they deserve.

    Lease Budgeting

    As business owners ourselves, we recognize the importance of having accurate and pertinent project data readily available to help shape critical business decisions. To that end, DPI provides our clients with a comprehensive budget analysis based on the designer/architect schematic drawings and/or square foot allowances, and/or multiple location cost comparisons.

    Green Building & LEED® Consulting

    We believe that sustainable construction plays a pivotal role in reaching our larger environmental goals while being a responsible community member. And so DPI incorporates LEED principles into every construction project we undertake. We are committed to the LEED Commercial Interiors and New Construction programs and have incorporated it throughout our firm. We invest heavily in training programs to further develop our staff and educate our clients on the merits of sustainable design and construction.

    WELL Building Standards®

    DPI was chosen to act as Construction Managers for Ontario’s first WELL Building Standards® project. The WELL Standards focus exclusively on human health and wellness. It incorporates tangible employee-based criteria and focuses on critical environmental factors key to increased productivity, health and wellness. Categories such as air and water quality, office-provided nourishment, natural daylight exposure, fitness opportunities, body comfort and mental stimulation are all key aspects to WELL Building Standard certification.

    Client Care & Service Solutions

    DPI offers client partners an exclusive team dedicated to small contract construction programs, warranty, office management and emergency response solutions.

    Contact the team for more information or to discuss requirements at: service@dpiconstruction.com

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