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The importance of giving back to the community and fostering positive relationships beyond the scope of everyday work.

Variety Village Lobby

DPI joined forces with ARIDO on their initiative to refresh Variety Villages front lobby section. Variety Village is a fitness, recreation and life skills facility focusing on expanding opportunities for active accessibility and inclusion ensuring that individuals of all abilities have equal and accessible opportunities to become active and contributing members of the community.



From David Walton (WELNepal):

Meet the 25 women from the village of Basantapur who will be learning to read and write in their own language, in a Basic Literacy course, under the name “DPI Class”. This group of women will be meeting for an hour, six days a week for the next 8 months. By the time I arrive next year, most of these women will be considered literate and will be ready for a further 6 months of Advanced Literacy. Holding the sign board is the class teacher, Dhanusa Mahato. The village of Basantuapur is in a remote area known as Madi. We at WELNepal have been, over the past few years, asked to take our projects to those areas in the south of Nepal that are not easily accessible.

On behalf of the women of Basantapur, whose lives are about to change for the better because of your generosity, and all of us at WELNepal, thank-you.

FIFE House

The FIFE House project is an innovative, client-focused provider of secure and supportive affordable housing and services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Toronto Area. As Project Manager, DPI brought in support from our industry partners and received a Platinum Sponsor designation.



BridgeNorth exists to address and prevent the unique problems faced by victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. BridgeNorth provides programs to assist with their departure and transition from the sex industry by offering direct service to women, girls, and families affected by the sex industry. DPI’s role was project and construction management and the project focused on the improvement and refresh of the head office located in York Region.